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Rich wrote:

Hi, guys —

I want very much to be faithful to Catholic teaching on contraception.

  • Am I correct in my understanding that, as a Catholic, that means we are to practice Natural Family Planning (NFP)?


  { If we want to be faithful on the topic of contraception, does that mean we should practice NFP? }

Eric replied:

HI, Rich —

Thanks for the question.

Well, it is your most effective moral option for regulating births. You could, of course, opt not to use birth control at all, or use easier but less reliable natural methods, such as the rhythm method, which might require less cooperation on the part of your wife. There are also several methods of NFP, some of which could be more suitable than others (but I'm getting out of my element here, since I've never been married).

Also there are some good resources in the EWTN document library.

It would probably be beneficial for you to talk to a good, faithful priest-confessor about the issue. Barring that, I would point out that you can only be morally responsible for that over which you have control, or which you actively participate in. For example, if your wife chose not to cooperate and, despite your voiced disapproval and lack of consent, contracepted behind your back, you would not be guilty of sin.

If anyone else has any input to offer, please feel free.

Yours in Christ,

Eric Ewanco

John Griffin replied:

Hi, Rich!

Your desire to follow the Church's counsel on this teaching is quite admirable.

I'd first recommend, if you are not already familiar with it, the Couple to Couple League.

They have many resources on NFP.


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