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Greg wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question regards the "new Sacramentary" being used in Church. I have a feeling it's the one being pushed by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) and it's my understanding the Vatican has not approved it.

I've noticed over the last several months that I'm not able to follow the reading using the
"Glory and Praise" Hymn book with the readings. What sticks out is the substitution of gender neutral language. I can't remember for sure which translation ICEL is pushing and whether the Vatican has officially approved this translation. It seems to me that the translation being pushed is the New Revised Standard version.

  • Do you know?

Thanks for your help.

By the way I think your web site is neat!


  { Do you know if the Vatican has approved this Sacramentary and what translation's been approved? }

John Griffin replied:

Hi, Greg —

Your question references the "new" Sacramentary. To my knowledge as of this reply, Tuesday, February 08, 2000, a "new" Sacramentary has not yet been approved. There is a revision in the pipelines for this.

Perhaps you are referring to the new "Lectionary" which has recently been approved for use by the Vatican . If it is the Lectionary, feel at ease. It is approved and, No, it is not entirely an
"ICEL piece of work". The Vatican had reworked what they did not like. As for the translation in the Lectionary, you are right on — there is no corresponding Bible translation that is used. It is a "customized" translation, fitted solely and uniquely for our Catholic Lectionary.

  • Prudent?
  • Who knows?

Either way, rest assured the Vatican is on top of things. If it is the Sacramentary, that's another matter. It depends on what is being used. As for the web site, kudos goes to Michael Humphrey.

Thanks for your question.

Hope this helped.

John Griffin

Mike replied:

Hi, Greg —

Adding to what John has said, your concern about not being able to follow the readings in your "Glory and Praise" Hymn book with what is being read from the pulpit, will correct itself with time. The publishers of the missalettes just have to publish and distribute the new version of the new approved text.

As to the web site, in all honesty: Kudos to:

I never could have answered all these questions on my own and checked them for proper spelling and grammar.

Your brother in prayer, your brother in Christ,

Mike Humphrey

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