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Moira wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • According to the Church, is the Novus Ordo Mass valid?

I'd appreciate any answers you have. We're a small group of Catholics who do not have access to Tridentine Masses; it would be an hour trip and we're advised by our local priest that "traditionalists" are not listening "to the Holy Spirit in a living Church".


  { According to the Church, is the Novus Ordo Mass valid? }

Richard replied:

Hi, Moira —

Thanks for your question.

Well, the Church thinks it's valid, and that's good enough for us. :-) Usually people send us challenges claiming it's not valid, so we help them sort out the fact from fiction in their arguments.

I wouldn't describe all "traditionalists" as that priest does. Various individuals and groups who support the old Mass take differing attitudes toward the new rite and toward Church authority.

I suppose his words would apply best to the groups which have broken from Catholic unity.

The Church has approved the establishment of several "traditionalist" religious communities;
for example, the Fraternity of St. Peter.

In my opinion, this would not have happened if the Church thought their motivating impulse was not a legitimate charism from God.

Richard Chonak

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