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Elizabeth Grimm wrote:

Hi, guys—

I was searching the internet trying to find the proper wording for a Nuptial Mass Booklet for my impending nuptials.

  • Any ideas?

Yours in Christ,


  { Do you know where I can find the proper wording for a Nuptial Mass Booklet? }

Bob replied:

Hi Elizabeth!

Thanks for the question.

Maybe these links will help:

Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Hi, Elizabeth —

I wanted to add to what Bob has said. I found the following information about obtaining a Papal Blessing for a [marriage|wedding] in the Catholic Answers forum.

J802 wrote:

Greetings in Christ!

I am getting married this July to a lovely woman from my parish!! Yippee!!

I would like to get a Papal Blessing for it.

  • Are there places in Rome that I could email about this?
  • Given the recent passing of our beloved Holy Father,
    will getting it done by early July be a problem?

HopeAndLove replied:

Ask your priest. Our priest had to fill something out and send it to the diocese. They then contacted me after it was approved and wanted to know what size certificate I wanted; there was a small fee, depending on the size. Ours is 8X14, or close to that and I think it was $20. It is beautiful!! Congrats on your wedding!

Hope this helps,


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