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Anonymous wrote:

Dear Mike:

  • I hesitate to even bring up the subject of suicide but do you have any insights into the probability of salvation for someone who has committed this action?

His folks are devout Baptists and lost him probably within the last ten years.

Thank you for your time.


  { What is the probability of salvation for someone who has committed suicide? }

Mike replied:

Dear Anonymous —

Thanks for the question. Never hesitate in asking a question you are not sure of; that's what we are here for.

I, nor you, are God. Only God and your friend who committed suicide know their true relationship and the reasons why he did, what he did. What I can do is direct you to the relevant paragraphs in the Catechism of the Catholic Church which follow.

My best answer would be: We have to leave these things in the hands of God and His Mercy.

Nevertheless, I would pray for your friend on a daily basis. The key paragraphs can be found below:

2281 Suicide contradicts the natural inclination of the human being to preserve and perpetuate his life. It is gravely contrary to the just love of self. It likewise offends love of neighbor because it unjustly breaks the ties of solidarity with family, nation, and other human societies to which we continue to have obligations. Suicide is contrary to love for the living God.

2282 If suicide is committed with the intention of setting an example, especially to the young, it also takes on the gravity of scandal. Voluntary cooperation in suicide is contrary to the moral law.

2325 Suicide is seriously contrary to justice, hope, and charity. It is forbidden by the fifth commandment.

It would be a great corporate work of mercy for you to minister to the grieving needs of the family and "just be a friend" to them in their time of need.

Hope this helps,

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