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Tony Milburn wrote:


I have an Episcopalian friend considering the Catholic Church. She has asked me why I believe women will never be ordained (priestesses). I can explain the Biblical evidence, but I am having trouble addressing the human psychology aspect of this clearly.

  • Do you have a good explanation for this, preferably not a book, something short, clear and quickly retrievable?

Thanks heaps!

May God bless you and your work.

Tony Milburn

  { Do you have an explanation for my Episcopalian friend on why women cannot be ordained priests? }

Mike replied:

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the question.

First point:

In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the priest receives a divine character that is imprinted on his soul. This allows him, when performing any of the Sacraments,
to do them, "in the person of Jesus".


When I go to daily Mass and hear the priest say, "This is my body" and "This is the cup of my Blood", although they sound like the priest's own words, they are actually Christ's!

Christ, Our Lord, is speaking through the priest, using the voice of the priest, to administer the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

The same is true with Confession. When I go to Confession, it may sound like
Fr. Mike's (my priest's) voice, but Christ is using the body of the priest, the body of a man, to administer the sacrament of penance and forgive all my sins.

It sounds like the voice of Fr. Mike, but it is actually Jesus forgiving my sins through the priest!

Second point:

Any Christian, with any common sense, will agree with the historical fact that

Jesus was a man, not a woman.

Because the theology behind Holy Orders has an ontological (ontology means the study of being) aspect, not psychological one, Jesus, who was sent by the Father and born of the Virgin Mary, as a MAN, administers the sacraments thru MEN like Him. This is the manner by which Our Lord choose to institute this Sacrament.

God took flesh Himself as MAN in Jesus Christ. Jesus was the God-Man Himself!

He could have chosen another way, but He didn't.

I hope this helps.

Your brother in Christ,

Mike Humphrey

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