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Alexa wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a Catholic college student who goes to a Catholic church on Sundays but I would like to be in a group of fellow students who are also religious. The majority of religious groups on campus are Christian. There is only one small Catholic student group and they aren't as organized as the Christian ones.

  • I am wondering whether it would be wrong to go to a student Christian group if they are better and more organized?


  { Is it wrong to go to a non-Catholic Christian student social group if theirs is better than ours? }

John replied:

Hi, Alexa —

Well, first of all, let's start using proper terminology. You are a Catholic Christian and you would like to fellowship with non-Catholic Christians.

So long as you are rooted in your faith and the group is not anti-Catholic, it's fine. Nevertheless, I would be cautious of attempts to proselytize, which is a common occurrence in such groups.
If they
accept you as a fellow Christian, go for it.

Just remember to be cautious not to adopt Protestant heresies into your own beliefs.


Mike replied:

Hi, Alexa —

I would tend to disagree with my colleague John.

Here are some previous postings, where I have answered similar questions:

In another posting I said:

I used to attend Protestant Bible Studies for a while because I wanted to bring them the fullness of the Faith, they were missing. A friend of mine reminded me that although I had a good intention, there is always an underlining assumption with any Protestant church service and/or Bible Study and that is:

The Catholic Church is wrong, and their teachings are incorrect.

This is despite the fact that this false assumption is never challenged in any Protestant Bible Study. When a Catholic attends a Protestant Bible Study they are implicitly saying:

There is something missing from my parish that I hope you can fulfill.

A knowledge of Church history and the Early Church Fathers will lead you to the truth.

Although the Church is the pillar and foundation of Truth (1 Timothy 3:15) . . . this page has a list of Catholic Scripture verses that defend Catholic doctrines.

Hope this helps,


John replied:


This is not a Bible study or service the person is asking about. It's a social group. Given the college environment, I'd say she's better off attending a solid Christian fellowship over a nominally Catholic group. When it comes to morals, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are probably stricter than Catholics, while most Catholic campus groups are pretty much a joke.

For the most part, these are simply young adult type social networks. They go to movies, restaurants, and what not. I'm not saying they ever talk about their faith, but as Catholics, we are called to be the salt and light in the world.

  • Let's put it this way, would you have a problem with a Catholic joining a fraternity or a sorority that's completely secular?

Think about it.

  • What do they do and how do these groups socialize?
  • Now if a Catholic can join a such a secular group, why shouldn't they join a group that shares and often times lives out the principles of Christian living better than us?

Are you saying they can join Alpha Gama Lamda, who regularly has kegs parties, but they can't go to the movies, or even discuss matters of faith, with a bunch of other Christians.


Mary Ann replied:

Hi, Alexa —

Every one of those well-put-together Protestant groups (they are either Protestant or non-denominational evangelical, which is even more Protestant than Protestant) was created by a student with zeal and faith.

Do the same for your Catholic group, or found another.

  • Start a study or discussion group based on the Catechism or the Theology of the Body.
  • Invite in speakers.
  • Have a Life in the Spirit Seminar and start a Charismatic Catholic prayer group.
  • Start an adoration program.

Just do it yourself!!

Mary Ann

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