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Jaiden wrote:

Hi, guys —

I am a frequent visitor to this site and all my questions about the Catholic Church have been answered very well however I recently read a very disturbing article on the news five days ago saying that the Pope has said that the theory of evolution is possible.

This article was published on the Australian media web site:

Pope Francis says evolution and Big Bang theories are real; God isn’t a magician with a magic wand

I agree with part of what he says but he appears to be robbing God of the fact that He created everything.

I and my concerned family were very disturbed over this article. If someone could please identify its authenticity it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

From Australia

  { By supporting the theory of evolution, is the Pope depriving God of being the Creator? }

Paul replied:

Hi Jaiden,

Let me address your stated fear about creation and evolution, which I think may be a simple misunderstanding.

Evolution does not in any way negate the fact that God is Creator and that He created everything out of nothing. In fact, evolution logically demands creation, because in order for something to be evolving it must have first been brought into existence.

The pope seems to be simply echoing the doctrine of the Church, which dogmatically recognizes God as Creator and Sustainer of all, coupled with the distinct possibly that God may be evolving His universe as He wills according to a property of matter that He designed.

  • Why couldn't God be behind the evolution of His creation?



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