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Robert Haley wrote:

Hi, guys —

Being raised Catholic, I never heard the Catholic stand on John's vision from a rooftop . . . about all crawling things to be used for meat. I have only heard, what I consider, a watered-down version from other denominations.

  • Can you give me the Catholic view on this vision?

Hearing our pope speak on the Holy Spirit prompted me to contact you.

Thank you,


  { Can you give me the Catholic view of Acts 10:9-15 and Peter's vision from a rooftop? }

John replied:


I think you are referring to Peter and not John's vision.

If so it's the book of Acts Chapter 10, verses 9 to 15.

In the vision, God shows Peter all these animals that were considered unclean under the Kosher laws or Mosaic laws. Then God says to kill and eat. Peter says never Lord . . . they are unclean. God responds by saying that which I have made clean is not unclean.

Now this happens right before Peter receives visitors asking him to go to the House of Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, who was God-fearing but had not yet heard the Gospel. Obviously he was a Gentile, not a Jew. Peter, a Jew, would never set foot in the house of a Gentile as they were considered unclean as well, so this vision was sign that prepared Peter for this event.

Later Peter would rely on both these events to confirm St. Paul at the Jerusalem Council where they decided the Gentiles, who accepted the Gospel, didn't need to follow the Mosaic law.


Robert replied:

Thanks John,

Yes, I was mistaken. That was Peter's vision I was referring to.

I should tell you first, being raised Catholic, I always had, what I told people, to be a blind faith. Hearing our new Pope, has given me great reinforcement of all I have been telling other's for many years. Although I had little doubt, that reinforcement is a blessing and a boulder off my shoulders.

I would also like to share some views with the Holy Father related to these passages from Acts and how we are giving too much value to animals, over men and women. God is truly saddened, watching his children die from hunger, while millions of pounds of animal flesh, that could sustain his children, is thrown into landfills.

  • Can you forward this concern to him?
  • Is there a place where I can write to him?

Thanks again!



Mike replied:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting back to us. While none of us have contact with Vatican officials or Pope Francis, I empathize with your views on valuing animals over people.

I created a Christian basics page to express just this concern:

If you wish to contact Vatican officials or Pope Francis, you can write to them here:

None of us have any trusted sources for e-mails to Vatican officials or Pope Francis.


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