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Rosemary Moore wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • Is it bad for a Catholic girl like me not to receive my First Communion seeing, whenever I go to church, I always get blessed during Mass? and
  • Is it bad for me not to receive my First Communion?


  { Since I'm getting blessed at Mass, is it really bad for me not to receive my First Communion? }

Paul replied:


You may want to tell us why you attend Mass but choose not to receive Holy Communion. On the surface it makes no sense to love Jesus but refuse to be intimate with Him.

Holy Communion is such an important part of being a Christian. Tell us your age and a little more information about what might make you hesitate in receiving Our Lord in this most Wonderful and Important Way.


Bob replied:


Getting a blessing is not as good as receiving Holy Communion but it is better than nothing and it certainly isn't bad. You should talk to your priest about receiving your First Communion presuming you are old enough and there is no obstacle.

If your family doesn't go to church regularly and you haven't had any religious education, maybe your parents would agree to bring you so you wouldn't miss out. You can ask them; they are responsible for seeing to all your needs . . . and your spiritual needs are just as important as those of your body!

Jesus wants to be closer to you and He literally can't get any closer than in this way. It's really true and someday, though you won't ever fully understand it, you will grow to be amazed by it and love Him even more.

I really hope you move forward with this.


Bob Kirby

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