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Iiyama Nospe wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have a Protestant friend who has asked me the following questions:

The Protestants have a midweek meeting which can be a prayer meeting, Bible Study meeting, or both.

  1. Does the Roman Catholic Church have other services beside the Sunday Mass?
  2. Can a nun preach?
  3. Can a layperson preach?
  4. Can a nun or layperson celebrate Mass?

My friend has read the Dummies guide to Roman Catholicism, but I think he does not understand the nature of our religious services.



  { Can you help me answer some questions from a Protestant about our Catholic Mass services? }

Paul replied:

Dear Iiyama,

I'll address your questions in the order you wrote them:

  1. There are various services that go on during the week, like:
    • funerals
    • weddings
    • baptisms, etc.

but they're often within the context of the Mass. There are also:

  • religious education classes
  • Bible studies
  • prayer groups
  • youth group gatherings
  • men's or women's group meetings, and
  • other such gatherings during the week, depending on the parish.
    1. Yes, a nun could preach, but not during Mass.
    2. As for the laity preaching, refer to b above.
    3. No, only a priest can celebrate Mass however others could run what is called a Communion service where The Word is proclaimed and Communion is distributed; but there is no preaching or consecration of the bread and wine.



    Bob replied:

    Dear Iiyama,

    To add to what Paul said, many parishes have daily Mass, in addition to Sunday Mass services, so you can get:

    • preaching
    • the Eucharist, and
    • fellowship that way too.


    Bob Kirby

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