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Marita Erak wrote:

Hi, guys —

I have a question that's been asked on several occasions but I don't believe it's been asked correctly.

  • Seeing that the Catholic Church is so wealthy with possessions, why doesn't She do anything to sell off these possessions to help the poor?

Until now it appears that most people believe it's just historical artefacts of value that the Church should sell but in my opinion these artefacts are priceless and are related to the Church's history so should remain with the Church.

My question is about possessions such as the ridiculously obscene amounts of property the Church owns around the world. As an example, let's look at London where the Church owns an abundance of property in the wealthiest suburbs in London and are making obscene amounts of money in rent. The value of the properties are in the billions . . . as is the revenue they receive.

This is only a tip of the iceberg and one small example that is worth billions yet not one person from the Church will ever admit to the Church owning such properties or making obscene amounts of revenue from them. Not one person in the Church has ever addressed the billions that the Church owns in property or the billions She makes in revenue from these properties.

The billions they make are more than enough to fund every church in the world without ever going broke or ever having to ask for donations from the poor, to help the poor, yet the Church continues to take donations from the poor and runs each diocese individually so basically each diocese has to raise it owns funds to survive while the church continues to makes billions from its property revenues.

The same can be said for Mother Theresa and the billions she raised.

  • Where did all that money go because it certainly wasn't used on the clinics that were found to be in a disgraceful condition in India?

The people deserve the truth. While we should have blind faith in God, it does not mean we have to show blind faith to the Church's billion-dollar property revenue stream. While the Church does not discuss its major property portfolio and chooses to keep quiet (which is why the average follower is unaware of this wealth) there are public records that confirm the Catholic churches major property portfolios.

  • So my question is why does the Church hold on to so much prime property worth billions around the world and collect billions in revenue without building housing for the poor while feeding both the poor and homeless?

With so many billions there is certainly enough to do so.

Instead of offering the homeless in Rome a free pizza for the coronation of Mother Theresa, they should have sold just one (UK) United Kingdom property to build housing for the homeless. They would still have change left to do more.

I believe in God with all my soul and heart and I do that with blind faith but it's difficult to have blind faith of humans that are open to greed and corruption. I'm not saying the Church is corrupted or greedy but I am saying that the questions are never answered transparently the way they should be.

All the financial people and organizations looking after the Church's wealth are making bucket loads of cash, as is the Church, and yet there are still people going without and suffering when more could be done!!


  { Why doesn't the Church use their obscene amounts of property to build homes for the poor? }

Eric replied:

Marita —

You speak as if the Catholic Church didn't already serve the poor and hungry more than any other single organization in the world.


Mike replied:

Dear Marita,

This is a common question; it's even in our searchable knowledge base. There are a lot of quick answers there, so give it a try.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the Catholic Church is the largest, if not second largest Church worldwide, and we need property for worship and ministry space to fulfill our mission to

"Go forth and preach the Good News, baptizing all, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19-20)

We are also one of, if not the largest, provider of health care worldwide. Taking on this enormous task requires property for hospitals and other medical facilities. Yes, serving does enrich us but not financially, rather spiritually, as we serve the needs of others both inside and outside the Church.

The only time when we will see perfection in people, both inside and outside the Church, is in the next life if we persevere for it. I searched the knowledge base for you and found these web postings that may address some of your question:

Hope this helps,


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