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Karen Louker wrote:

Hi, guys —

I work for an insulation manufacturing company that mainly sells to food companies in order for them to deliver the food fresh but the company also sells to pharmacies and hospitals; they manufacture for them to deliver anything perishable.

They also work with Amazon which has programs that donate to Planned Parenthood. As for the pharmacies and hospitals, it's the same thing, but I have no idea if they use our insulation to deliver anything sinful, like for abortion procedures. Even if they didn't deliver anything with our insulation, just the fact that they buy from us when they do abortions in their facilities or prescribe birth control, is troubling me because we are working for them.

  • Is my work considered remote material cooperation with evil and is it OK for me to work there, or do I need to find another job?, and
  • Does the principle of double effect apply here or is it too far removed to be sinful?


  { Am I far enough removed from this material cooperation with evil or do I need to find another job? }

Bob replied:


You are in no way participating in any of the harmful activities that Planned Parenthood or other companies may do. There is no need to get another job.

If your conscience is bothered by just being around these sinful companies, look for another job, but do it because you just want something that fits you better, not because you are fleeing personal culpability for cooperating in sinful activity. For that, you are not responsible.


Bob Kirby
<For more: Formal vs Material cooperation in an evil act>

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