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Vito Scallada wrote:

Dear AskACatholic,

I have these questions that I really want to find the answers to.

  1. First, can you really sell your soul to the devil?
  2. Second, if it is possible to do so, will you go to Hell without any way out?
  3. Third, would the Lord forgive you for such a thing?

If you are wondering why I want to know such things, it is because nowadays, you have celebrities admitting to have made a trade for fame and money with the devil, so it got me wondering about lots of things including these questions.

Thank you for reading this e-mail and please do reply as I really want to find out the answer to these questions.



  { Can you really sell your soul to the devil and, if so, would the Lord forgive you for such a thing? }

Eric replied:

Hi Vito,

Thanks for the question.

It is certainly possible to make a pact with the devil, and such things are real, but the devil doesn't have the last word: Jesus Christ is more powerful than the devil and it is always possible, with true repentance, to gain redemption.

The Lord forgives anyone who sincerely repents as long as he is breathing however, as I understand it from exorcists, it is nearly impossible to escape such a pact unscathed. Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the late great exorcist of Rome, comments in his book An Exorcist Explains the Demonic that

"I know persons who have left, but only after an enormous struggle, and often while being threatened by the followers [of Satan]. Even more, they always remain marked in their psyche and in their body, often enduring years and years of exorcisms in order to be liberated from the devil and the diabolical possessions on their backs. In brief, it is not a great business." (Page 33)

If you are curious about these things, Fr. Amorth has written several books about his experience as an exorcist and you may wish to check them out.


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