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IDontUnderstandThis wrote:

Hi, guys —

My question is in regards to the unpardonable sin.

  • What is this?


  { Seeing that I don't understand what the unpardonable sin is, can you explain this to me? }

Bob replied:

Dear friend,

The sin is simply the ultimate refusal to say yes to God's Mercy and Forgiveness. In other words, to accept damnation and life apart from God as one's preference. This is a profound rejection of the sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit, who not only convicts the world of sin (by impressing it on one's conscience), but brings the balm of Reconciliation. This final act is the complete determination of the soul's destiny.

Jesus calls it blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which it is, because it is a complete and final insult from which there is no return because it happens as the soul passes from this life (even if, in the moment of death, God should offer a chance for reconciliation). Until that point, we have complete freedom to accept God's gift of grace and salvation.

For a visual image, imagine someone slapping a hand offered in friendship, or even better, someone drowning in the sea and saying, no, to the hand offered from a boat to pull them in.

How tragic we humans are to reject even the last attempt of God to save us so, say yes to God every day and make that your life's mission.


Bob Kirby

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