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Wondering Will wrote:

Hi, guys —

Before the birth of Jesus, for several thousand years, people were living on earth.

  • Why is there no evidence of prophets and their religious found in America, Japan, China, India, Europe, Africa, and other places?
  • Why don't we find evidence like:
    • Jews in these places
    • revered commands like the Torah in these places
    • revered commands like circumcision, or
    • several other commands?
  • People should not be racist, why just the Israelites?
  • What about other places?
  • What are the names of the hundreds of other prophets of communications?


  { Why is there no evidence of prophets, or other prophets, and their religious in these places? }

Bob replied:

Dear friend,

God can speak directly to all person's in their heart or conscience. There is no limitation by time or space on God; but usually He doesn't speak in audible, typically human ways. God transcends all of creation and cannot be fit into a little box or expected to behave in ways that we can predict or expect. I am sure that God has tried to reach every human heart at one point or another.

The business of public prophecy is a different matter.

Why God chose to speak to certain prophets is His Business. Each prophet's account of God's speaking may or not have credibility, but we, as Christians, believe one thing for sure — God revealed himself in Jesus Christ; He became one of us while still God. This is no doubt a mystery, not something that any one of us can fully explain or grasp, but Jesus Christ has real credibility. He confronted us with His Reality and therefore made claims we must face.

He is either:

  1. a liar
  2. a lunatic, or
  3. Lord (He is telling the truth.)

If you examine the Life of Christ, and find him credible, then you will have a clearer picture why God used the Jewish people as a chosen people, to prepare the world for the arrival of the Christ. They may not have been perfect in their role but that is not God's fault. He uses imperfect people all the time. That is how we are and that is how He is. He is patient, loving, and a Father to all mankind.

There is no racism in God, as St. Paul said, in Christ there is neither Jew or Greek . . . (Galatians 3:28) Our nationality, race, intelligence, sex, whatever, does not matter to God. His Love is unbounding and perfect.

To be Catholic, which means universal, is to know God is for all people of every time and place.


Bob Kirby

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