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April 2022 Why is solitude important in prayer; is it needed; and if so, how do couples stay in solitude?
January 2022 How do you respond when others feel you have possessions you don't deserve and envy you?
January 2022 Why did God make me weak and how do I handle my envy of those having sex w/no consequences?
January 2022 Is there anything else I can do, apart from praying, that will help me cease masturbating?
January 2022 Can you pray for me and give me advice on handling the blasphemous thoughts I'm receiving?
Janua ry 2022 Can you answer these questions that may appear to be homework questions?
January 2022 Is it a sin if I am having sexual dreams and my body is responding to it?
January 2022 What should I do if, as a younger woman, I had sins regarding purity that were never confessed?
January 2022 Would it be a mortal or venial sin if I viewed this impure image more than once by accident?
January 2022 How can I overcome my lack of sincerity, seeing the more I try, the more I seem to doubt myself?
January 2022 Can you assist me in a Philosophy–Religions course; I need to interview someone of another faith?
January 2022 Do you have advice for my scrupulosity and my fears of being bound to promises I've made to God?
January 2022 Does the use of pain medication contradict my intention to participate in redemptive suffering?
January 2022 After trying some same-sex stuff as a teen, what state am I in and how can I get rid of this guilt?
August 2021 Is it ever acceptable to disown a parent and are there Bible passages that address this situation?
August 2021 Will these things I did in my youth be forgiven or will I be separated from the Lord forever?
August 2021 Why does God allow mental illness; doesn't He want us to live life abundantly?
August 2021 Who do I turn to and what is the mailing address for the Vatican office that handles this stuff?
August 2021 How do I handle the many aspects of a co-worker and her post-abortive, abusive situation?
August 2021 How should I live in a way that's pleasing to God since I'm dependent and can't become Catholic?
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