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Posting date Questions
January 2013 Is homosexuality mentioned anywhere in the Old or New Testament and when is it a sin?
January 2013 If I have gay friends who I care about, but don't accept their lifestyle, should I change churches?
January 2013 Is homosexuality really that bad and what does my girlfriend do if she's hooked to this lifestyle?
August 2012 Where does the Catholic Church stand on same-sex "marriage"?
August 2012 Were these Christian teachers correct in saying that gay people are going to Hell?
August 2012 Was Adam originally a hermaphrodite, and since Jesus was referred to as the last Adam, was He?
August 2012 Were these Christian teachers correct in saying that gay people are going to Hell?
April 2012 How can I be true to the Lord while allowing my partner to adjust to a change of lifestyle?
April 2012 What does the Church say about renting to an unmarried [and/or] a homosexual couple?
January 2012 Was I wrong in notifying my pastor that our new cantor is a director of a gay mens choir?
January 2012 Why has the Church changed its teaching on homosexual behavior?
August 2011 Is it morally wrong for a gay man to marry a woman?
August 2011 How do we behave toward our male relative and his gay friend at our birthday celebration?
August 2011 How can we get our decision to be porn stars accepted by the Church?
August 2011 As a teenage girl, is it a sin if I have feelings toward other teens of my own sex?
August 2011 Can I be a Catholic and still be pro-choice and pro same-sex marriage?
January 2011 What does the Bible say on politics, what's the logical reason, and is December 25th a doctrine?
January 2011 What does the Church think about our society evolving into a new chapter of humanity?
January 2011 Can a gay Anglican expect his sexuality to be a barrier to being accepted into the Catholic Church?
January 2011 Is there a parallel between how sinful homosexual and heterosexual sins are, when acted on?
January 2011 Since the issue of 'gay marriage' doesn't affect me, a straight man, am I sinning by not opposing it?
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