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Posting date Questions
June 2015 Since Neanderthals were human like Homo sapiens, did they have the same dominion in Genesis?
June 2015 Did the Church Fathers recognized the Apocrypha as being Scripture?
June 2015 What did Jesus mean when He said: Father why have you forsaken me?
June 2015 What is the official Vatican-approved Bible and Study Bible for the Catholic faith?
June 2015 If God doesn't dwell in temples made with human hands, how can he live Catholic tabernacles?
June 2015 Please explain John 16:26-27 since it clearly states that I do not need to confess to a priest?
January 2015 What do Catholics learn from the Apocrypha that is different from Protestants teachings?
January 2015 Can you explain the mark of the beast in Revelation and how a new world order could do this?
January 2015 How do Catholics understand the difference between Scripture and Tradition?
January 2015 How can a single Catholic who is not married obey God's commandments in Genesis to be fruitful?
January 2015 Doesn't St. Paul's words in 1 Timothy 1:13 imply that my sins cannot be forgiven?
January 2015 If Acts says worship with no hands, can we justify the Eucharist and why share with unbelievers?
January 2015 Why does our practice contradict the Bible on statues and with no camera how did we get them?
January 2015 Why is the God of the Old Testament more strict when the God of the New Testament is forgiving?
January 2015 Why did God allow killing in the Old Testament, like when He ordered the killing of a village?
January 2015 What is the biblical basis for wedding arras, coins, cord bells, and other pagan practices?
August 2014 As Catholics, are we to take this passage literally and, if not, how do we defend not doing so?
August 2014 Can you explain to a Seventh-Day Adventist what is the first beast mentioned in Revelation 13?
August 2014 Why doesn't the Bible talk about dinosaurs and, if it does, where can I find it in the Bible?
August 2014 Why did Biblical events only happen for a period of time and doesn't this prove it's fiction?
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