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Posting date Questions
August 2011 Does the Catholic Church believe that all Muslims and other non-Christians will go to Hell?
April 2011 Did the saints "attain" their own salvation? (See CCC 1477)
April 2011 Is it fair to say that before Baptism the state of the child is hopelessly lost and self condemned?
April 2011 How do I explain the Catholic teaching on salvation and justification to my mother-in-law?
April 2011 Should I be concerned that my drug-dependent friend will not go to Heaven?
January 2011 VIDEO: A Protestant Christian tries to correct the errors heard on the Catholic teaching on justification
January 2011 I'm saved. Does becoming a Catholic mean that my salvation is not real?
January 2011 Is salvation a free will decision, prompted by the Holy Spirit or both?
January 2011 If a man accepts the gift of salvation on his death bed with no works, is he saved?
January 2011 As a Catholic, can you pray to your dead relatives and ask them to pray for you?
January 2011 If Christianity believes all you have to do is believe in Jesus, can Hitler go to heaven?
January 2011 Do you believe other Christians are saved and do I have to go to Confession to be saved?
January 2011 What percentage of the souls living will be accepted into heaven?
January 2011 Why does the Catholic Church teach "original" or "hereditary" sin when Scripture says this?
August 2010 Are we saved just by accepting Jesus as Savior and are career ambitions bad?
April 2010 How does good works save a person, where does merit fit in, and where is the assurance here?
April 2010 Why add our suffering to Christ's suffering or why ask for wounds and suffering, if it is finished?
January 2010 Why it is a sin of presumption to have the assurance of salvation when the Apostles had it?
January 2010 How, as a Catholic, do I answer the question: 'Are you saved'?
January 2010 Do Catholics believe people can lose their salvation and how does faith and good works fit in?
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