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Posting date Questions
June 2015 How do I answer Protestant attacks against the papal tiara that has 666 written on it?
January 2015 What right did Pope Benedict XVI have to reform the reforms and hinder the Church from growing?
January 2015 By supporting the theory of evolution, is the Pope depriving God of being the Creator?
January 2015 Who is the bishop who always stands beside and assists the Pope during any Church service?
January 2015 Why doesn't the Pope submit to the Scriptures and believe in the End Times and Second Coming?
August 2014 Why did Pope Paul VI wear the ephod Of Caiaphas?
August 2014 Are you really in communion with the Pope or is all your work done under a disguise?
August 2014 How can the Vatican be so esteemed, which biblical laws do we obey, and what about my mother?
August 2014 If my spouse doesn't believe in the Papacy, how do I get him to fill out the annulment paperwork?
April 2014 Is there anyway to tell how old her Rosary is and if it's from the Vatican?
April 2014 Do antipopes consider other antipopes to be antipopes, and if so, would they battle each other?
January 2014 In view of the latest message from your Pope, why keep abortion in the forefront of news?
January 2014 How do I address a letter to the Pope, what salutation should I use, and should I use his name?
January 2014 Do all Catholic Cardinals speak fluent Italian or Latin so they can elect a pope at each conclave?
August 2013 Can you elaborate on the meaning of papal infallibility so I can understand it better?
August 2013 If an Eastern Catholic was elected pope, what vestments would he wear?
August 2013 How can subjective, fallible beings interpret what an objective authority, like the Pope, says?
August 2013 What does the Greek and Latin on the interior nave of Saint Peter's translate to in English?
August 2013 If Mary has zero power to protect us, why did Pope Francis say this?
April 2013 Were there forged documents used and are there early documents supporting papal primacy?
April 2013 Was Matthew 16:18 interpreted in the same way in the early Church as Catholics believe today?
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