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Posting date Questions
January 2014 How can God bring this man into my life, just to take him away for the priesthood?
January 2014 How did priests get their ability to bless things and people, is it biblical, and what is a blessing?
January 2013 Is it possible for a Catholic boy who is born of a second marriage to become a religious priest?
January 2013 Can you clarify the history of the Divine Mercy prayer and are they sworn to celibacy plus?
January 2013 What happens to a priest who decides that they want to marry?
August 2012 Why did the Lord put these disqualifications on candidates to the priesthood?
August 2012 Where do I go to get a dispensation from a vow I took?
August 2012 Based on 1 Timothy 3:1-13, and Titus 1:6-9 should priests be celibate?
August 2012 Did Jesus institute the priesthood, and by Jewish law would women have been at the Last Supper?
August 2012 How does leaving the priesthood work and while are some priests married in other religions?
August 2012 Could there be future exceptions to the Catholic male-only priesthood for exceptional women?
August 2012 Can a former priest of a parish that doesn't have faculties as a priest still use the title "Father"?
April 2012 Do Catholic priests take vows and if so, what specifically are they?
April 2012 Could I become a priest if I have two children?
January 2012 Can you help me understand the Church's position on reserving the priesthood for men?
January 2012 Can Deacons wear the collar?
August 2011 Can someone enroll in a Catholic seminary to train as a priest after forty years of age?
August 2011 If a man commits a same-sex sin, can he still become a Catholic priest?
January 2011 If I receive an annulment of my marriage, is it possible to be accepted into the Priesthood?
January 2011 If one believes he is being called to be a priest, does it mean he's not being called to be married?
January 2011 Can a divorced man become a priest and, if so, what is the process?
January 2011 Why doesn't the Church ordain women priests when these faith leaders encourage and defend it?
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