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Posting date Questions
January 2019 What do the faithful Pittsburgh laity do at this time and why are priests repeating history?
January 2019 If a child is attending Catholic Grade School, does he have to attend CCD classes at our church?
January 2019 Did the Catholic Church persecute the Hugenots?
January 2019 What is the Catholic view of the age of the Earth and how could there be animals before Adam?
January 2019 Why is there no evidence of prophets (or other prophets) and their religious in these places?
January 2019 Can a Catholic officiate at a wedding between two people that are not Catholic?
January 2019 Do we have an obligation to keep hostile relationships within the family and at the work place?
January 2019 Are the Jews still God's chosen people?
August 2018 What's the Church's view of people with mental illness: Schizophrenia with Intellectual Disability?
August 2018 What is the Catholic Church's opinion on Terry A. Davis and TempleOS?
August 2018 As a bookworm and devotee of Christ, is it OK to read contentious, fictional books by Dan Brown?
August 2018 Is there anything bad with enjoying classic horror flicks, related games, and some Halloween fun?
April 2018 What kind of Jew was Jesus: Pharisee, Sadducee, Essene, or Zealot? and is fish mistranslated?
April 2018 Why can't a woman who is divorced become a Consecrated Virgin when she has not dated any man?
April 2018 How does a priest get to be a Monsignor?
April 2018 What is the official stance of the Church concerning the 17th century Loudun Possessions?
January 2018 What do you think about Germany assessing an annual tax on members of the Catholic Church?
January 2018 A FAVORITE   As a Catholic, where is the Church failing and is the Church reaching out to the passive Catholic?
January 2018 Do you believe different religious perspectives affect the way an individual views Secularism?
January 2018 What is the prophecy of Malachy?
August 2017 Is the image of Jesus based on the image of Cesare Borgia and, if so, how can we refute it?
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