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April 2018 Since God is all-knowing and omniscient, why did He create us if He knew we would fall to sin?
April 2018 In view of these Muslim remarks, how much of the Vatican II's Lumen Gentium, is binding on us?
January 2018 Can you answer these theological questions so I can solve an ongoing life issue?
January 2018 Why is catholic not capitalized in the Nicene Creed?
January 2018 How close is God with the Great Spirit from the Cherokee religion and are they comparable?
January 2018 How can a Catholic defend God choosing to create the human populace, knowing many would sin?
January 2018 Could the Son also unite Himself to aliens and what saves us: the death or the blood of Christ?
January 2018 If God the Father and the Son have always existed, how can Jesus be born a man and eternal?
January 2018 What is your view on how I reply to this social media post: What is your religion?
January 2018 Do you have thoughts on this Evangelical pastor's view on praying to the saints and Heaven?
January 2018 Is an addiction to a mortal sin, a mortal or venial sin?
January 2018 Can you tell me where this phrase is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?
January 2018 Does God allow bad things to happen so that He can be glorified when a solution is found?
January 2018 Was Man's sin against God inevitable seeing their descendants would have sinned anyway?
August 2017 Was Jesus' crucifixion, Judas' betrayal, along with those who betrayed Him, part of God's plan?
August 2017 Are these type of birthmarks bad and reflective or being the devil's daughter or something similar?
August 2017 Can you comment on my Protestant view of predestination and contrast it with the Catholic view?
August 2017 Is it possible to obsess over God and, if so, is it a bad thing?
April 2017 If Christianity is all about forgiveness, why couldn't God forgive Satan instead of trashing him?
April 2017 If you sin using God's name in vain, (a mortal sin), how can there be two types of sins?
January 2017 How do you know for certain that Jesus is the Son of God and not just another good prophet?
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