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Posting date Questions
April 2019 Is it a mortal sin to say, 'Oh, my God?'
April 2019 Does forgiving those who trespass against us also include forgiving others like Hitler, Stalin, etc.?
April 2019 Can you show me any teaching that says one could not devote their entire prayer life to the Lord?
April 2019 Although I know that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, is it a sin to smoke marijuana?
January 2019 From a Catholic view, is it proper for me to ask for the money my friends always borrow from me?
January 2019 Is online betting for sports regarded as an inappropriate way of acquiring wealth, and if so, why?
January 2019 Can a priest have conversations (including chatting by social media) with a minor past midnight?
January 2019 Is it wrong to role play with your friends with character-based anime involving no evil?
January 2019 Is it acceptable for churches to be named after archangels and are there naming conventions?
January 2019 Is it a sin to buy meat and dairy from stores whose factory farms treat animals with cruelty?
January 2019 From the Church's view is Acupuncture an acceptable practice?
January 2019 If smoking is really a sin, how can we have had saints and even popes who have smoked?
January 2019 Can a lay person write a consecration prayer for the world and offer it to Mary?
January 2019 Would I be putting myself on the same level as God if I wrote about people who do magic?
August 2018 Is it a sin to listen to body subliminals if it makes my mind more clear about losing weight?
August 2018 Do you think Our Lord would forgive a person who commits suicide and allow them into Heaven?
August 2018 What are the commonly-accepted views of domestic violence by the believers of Catholicism?
August 2018 Due to an unexpected pincer movement, have I sinned by letting Protestants pray over me?
August 2018 Is it sinful to read or watch horror?
August 2018 Is assisted death a big sin in this religion and would I go to your Hell by making this choice?
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