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Posting date Questions
January 2016 How does one justify the Apostle's desertion of their families to follow Jesus?
January 2016 Is 1 Timothy 4 fulfilled in priests and nuns not marrying and abstaining from meat on select days?
January 2016 Why did God create people who poop and pee?
January 2016 Can any ordinary Catholic Christian perform exorcisms since they are all Jesus' disciples?
August 2015 Does the Church allowed us to have images or statues of God, the Father and the Holy Spirit?
August 2015 What is the Roman Catholic view on the Evil Eye bracelets?
August 2015 Can Catholics be faithful and buy Apple iPad/iPhone products?
August 2015 What is the proper way to dispose of a vandalized holy image or for that matter a holy image?
June 2015 Are non-Catholic Christians allowed to participate in the Adoration of the Eucharist?
June 2015 Can you elaborate on the First Friday devotion and its spiritual benefits?
June 2015 Are there any required Catholic prayers and which ones should be said first thing in the morning?
June 2015 Why doesn't the Church use all the money it has to better the human population?
June 2015 What is the Catholic reply to the Church having too many rules that hinder totally loving God?
June 2015 How do I find a priest who can bless my home and clear out evil spirits?
June 2015 Is using a pen name a sin when publishing a book and can you create a fake profile for the name?
June 2015 Is it possible that killing someone in a video game is equal to killing someone in the heart?
June 2015 Can any priest give me a dispensation from all my private vows or do I have to see my pastor?
June 2015 What does the Catholic Church teach about suicide?
June 2015 Since Jihadists just want to convert or kill us, what should do when confronted by them?
June 2015 At age 15, what type of activities would the Church approve of with my free time?
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