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Most Popular (Read) Questions and Answers (April 16, 2005)
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Below is a list of the most read questions and answers voted by you over the past 4 years. Out of the first 800 most visited pages I've pulled out the top 150 read questions and answers from our 358-question knowledge base.

I have also color-code the rankings by "the top 10, 20, 30, etc." I hope you find it useful.

Posting Date: April 20, 2005.
August 2010 Where do I go to financially donate to the work you and your team does on behalf of the Church?


Percentage of the150 most read


  1 8,898 9.01% In what fundamental ways does the Catholic Church differ from the Protestant denominations?
2 4,892 4.95% Why do Catholic Christians eat fish on Fridays and what does abstinence from meat mean?
3 4,447 4.50% What are the major differences between Southern Baptists and Catholics?
4 2,363 2.39% Can you tell me about William Branham, who my boyfriend says is the End-Time prophet?
5 2,097 2.12% Why can't priests get married?
6 1,914 1.94% How should we fast during Lent and how do we handle those people who ask us if we are fasting?
7 1,913 1.94% What are the Catholic and Protestant views of the Rapture?
8 1,858 1.88% What's the Catholic position on divorce and remarriage and how do divorce and annulment differ?
9 1,775 1.80% Can you help me find the Pope's e-mail address?
10 1,772 1.79% Does the immorality of In-Vitro Fertilization also apply to sterile people and what good resources?
  11 1,714 1.73% Can you help me find a complete set of the 1962 Latin/English breviary?
12 1,449 1.47% Do you know where I can find the proper wording for a Nuptial Mass Booklet?
13 1,280 1.30% Can you refer me to some web sites or documents that state the Church's position on cloning?
14 1,196 1.21% Was Pope Alexander VI really a bad pope and are there other bad Popes with bad reputations?
15 1,188 1.20% Is it still a mortal sin to miss Sunday Mass and can I make up for it by going to a daily Mass?
16 1,174 1.19% What was that silver thing the priest used around the casket that had that great smell?
17 1,152 1.17% Removed from the site, due to comments from readers.
18 1,148 1.16% I am young and don't have a car to get to a priest so how do I make holy water?
19 1,135 1.15% How do I respond to the Pope's title Vicarius Filli Dei adding up to 666, the mark of the beast?
20 1,116 1.13% How can you call this political candidate Pro-Life when he is for the Death Penalty?
  21 1,094 1.11% Has there been a change by the Roman Catholic Church to accept Anglican Orders as valid?
22 937 0.95% Can a faithful Catholic marry a faithful Mormon?
23 892 0.90% How could Pope Alexander VI have been infallible or even lucid in Church doctrines?
24 861 0.87% Why do we make the Sign of the Cross and what does it mean?
25 858 0.87% What are your teachings on the issue of — No Salvation Outside The Church?
26 843 0.85% How do I reply when I'm asked why the Church changed the true Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?
27 841 0.85% Are Fr. Gruner and the Servants of Jesus of Mary aligned with the SSPX?
28 814 0.82% What are your thoughts on the Enneagram and this book using a method of self discovery?
29 813 0.82% What exactly is Our Lord talking about when He mentions blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?
30 809 0.82% What is the Catholic view of predestination in lieu of Ephesians 1:3-5 and is life predetermined?
  31 801 0.81% What's your opinion of centering prayer?
32 796 0.81% How do I refute this argument on married priest and celibacy?
33 790 0.80% What is the Church's thoughts and views on Reiki healing?
34 788 0.80% Is this, or was this ever, a doctrine of the Church: Outside the Church there is no salvation?
35 767 0.78% What is the meaning, purpose and history of indulgences?
36 761 0.77% When did England become Protestant and what was the effect of the Reformation on the Church?
37 748 0.76% Can you answer this list of questions about the faith from a Catholic who never knew the faith?
38 747 0.76% Does it matter how we receive Communion and are there instances when one way is required?
39 730 0.74% Because I don't remember hearing the word, can you please tell me what intinction is?
40 715 0.72% Can you show a Baptist, thinking of joining, the usefulness of praying to Mary and the saints?
  41 705 0.71% ow do get water blessed as holy water so I can bless my bedroom and myself?
42 700 0.71% Why don't Catholics practice Passover?
43 680 0.69% Can you answer some questions from a Methodist about the Scripture readings used in the Mass?
44 671 0.68% Can you explain the morality of the death penalty and is it ever justified to protect the innocent?
45 667 0.68% Can you explain the proper rendering of John 1:1 and the Jehovah Witness' interpretation?
46 657 0.67% Do you know where I can get a list of the Catholic Church's dogmatic statements?
47 657 0.67% What is the Church's viewpoint on hypnosis and can you find me any information on the topic?
48 635 0.64% Can you explain to me the concept of mortal sin and can I be forgiven if I have committed one?
49 616 0.62% Should feminine or neuter pronouns ever be used when referring to the Holy Spirit (in a homily)?
50 594 0.60% Do you know of any sources that show, display, and defend Mary's Virginity?
  51 591 0.60% Can a Catholic who has left the Church be re-baptized as an adult in a Protestant denomination?
52 561 0.57% Can you help me to understand what confessing to a priest does, when only God can forgive sins?
53 555 0.56% What is the Catholic Church's view regarding speaking in tongues?
54 540 0.55% What is the probability of salvation for someone who has committed suicide?
55 526 0.53% Do you agree with my understand of the teaching — Outside the Church there is no salvation?
56 521 0.53% Should Catholics attend Protestant services where communion is received within their community?
57 511 0.52% Does the first marriage of the non-Catholic require an annulment to get the marriage blessed?
58 503 0.51% Can you give me a legitimate source on the Church's view toward Intinction during Communion?
59 482 0.49% Can you tell me how I can get one of those written Papal blessings?
60 475 0.48% Why does the Pope carry around a staff with a very grotesque crucifix on it?
61 470 0.48% According to the Church, is the Novus Ordo Mass valid?
62 463 0.47% How orthodox are writers like Thomas Merton, Meister Eckhart and Anthony de Mello?
63 459 0.46% Why were the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption not required back then, but are now?
64 458 0.46% What is the Church's view toward liturgical dance?
65 457 0.46% Do you know the Vatican's view on the Christian Community and Rudolf Steiner?
66 455 0.46% Is Nostradamus considered a true prophet by the Church and can the Church fall in the future?
67 454 0.46% Can you answer some questions on Purgatory, the robber on the Cross, and why I must suffer?
68 453 0.46% Do you have an explanation for my Episcopalian friend on why women cannot be ordained priests?
69 446 0.45% Where does it say a man may only marry once and how does the Church decide what's literal?
70 438 0.44% Can someone please help me explain the Communion of Saints to a Protestant?
71 437 0.44% Does the Church have a view on the issue of genetic manipulation (and treatments) for illnesses?
72 436 0.44% Was Pope Pius XII Hitler's Pope and is this book an untold story or is this Adventist propaganda?
73 434 0.44% Is it legal to celebrate the Tridentine Mass and what are the differences with the Novus Ordo?
74 425 0.43% Is the entire story of Jonah a fable or just the part that relates to the conversion of Nineveh?
75 425 0.43% Besides the Papal Apostolic Constitution, what is the best way to defend Mary's Assumption?
  76 423 0.43% Do you know what was meant by the Gospel side of the Church?
77 409 0.41% After the 9/11 attack on our country, is there any reasoning justifying the USA attacking Iraq?
78 406 0.41% Are indulgences wrong and entirely unscriptural or does the Church approve of them — and why?
79 400 0.40% Is my Scripture teacher correct in saying: A lot in the New Testament is borrowed or invented?
80 399 0.40% If the Church's teaching is protected from error, why was there a significant change on usury?
81 397 0.40% Do you know if the Vatican has approved this Sacramentary and what translation's been approved?
82 391 0.40% Could you explain what infallibility is and its scope?
83 382 0.39% Is the condemnation of Galileo by the Church proof Her teachings were not infallible?
84 374 0.38% Is the SSPX, Society of Saint Pius X, in good standing with the Vatican and the Church? The short answer is NO!
85 366 0.37% Why don't Catholics bring their Bibles to Mass so they can really understand the Word of God?
86 364 0.37% Are these End-of-Life misconception issues I found in my parish bulletin correct?
87 361 0.37% How do I explain to my Presbyterian friend why we pray to Mary and its biblical basis?
88 360 0.36% Can you answer questions from a Baptist who knows nothing about your faith but is interested?
89 360 0.36% Are the Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox, Catholics; and are their sacraments valid?
90 358 0.36% Was I confused about what we believe about the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth?
91 357 0.36% Can you tell me the Church's current position on the appearances of Our Lady at Medjugorje?
92 356 0.36% Would you please explain transubstantiation and how Christ is present in the Eucharist?
93 348 0.35% What is the correct interpretation of until in Matthew 1:25?
94 343 0.35% Since I was never grounded in the faith, can you educate me on how the Catholic side thinks?
95 343 0.35% Does Mary's special grace of pre-emptive salvation contradict her free will?
96 337 0.34% Can you help me defend how Catholics still observe the Sabbath day and show its biblical basis?
97 328 0.33% Is there a specific name for a house a Catholic priest lives in, possibly attached to a Church?
98 320 0.32% Does the Church worship of Mary and how does the Church view Marian apparitions?
99 319 0.32% Can you defend the Church's interpretation of John 20:19-23 on confessing your sins to a priest?
100 300 0.30% Is consuming the consecrated Host (the Eucharist) permissible for one who is a vegetarian?
  101 295 0.30% Why can't my Protestant husband receive Holy Communion in my Catholic Church?
102 282 0.29% If Incarnation was dependent upon Mary's free will, would not it nullify the omniscience of God?
103 281 0.28% As one who works in a Seventh Day Adventist hospital, can you help me defend my Catholic faith?
104 272 0.28% Does a dowry go back in Catholic history and is this where the bride's parents paying is derived?
105 267 0.27% Where are the biblical references and Church teachings for the Communion of Saints?
106 253 0.26% Can you help me find the web site of a Catholic parish from a town I used to live in?
107 251 0.25% Do Catholics partake in cannibalism when they partake in the Eucharist or Real Presence?
108 244 0.25% Which Pope(s) convened and closed Vatican II and can you tell me about the last five Popes?
109 239 0.24% According to the Pope, is the Catholic Church the One, True religion?
110 236 0.24% Do you have any suggestions for a Protestant interested in learning about the Catholic Church?
111 236 0.24% Why does the Church put so much emphasis on Mary and her co-redemption instead of Jesus?
112 233 0.24% Does Dungeons and Dragons have satanic origins?
113 231 0.23% Can you help me explain the Virgin Birth of Jesus and how Joseph and Mary had no children?
114 229 0.23% How can Catholics evangelize Muslims and was Muhammad lying or really revealing something?
115 227 0.23% If we want to be faithful on the topic of contraception, does that mean we should practice NFP?
116 226 0.23% What is the official mission statement of the Catholic Church?
117 223 0.23% Why do Catholics have all this ritual, where do they get it all, and is it biblical?
118 219 0.22% What apologetics can you give me to reply to someone who believes all religions hold some truth?
119 216 0.22% If the Christian has the Holy Spirit to guide him, why are priests needed to interpret the Bible?
120 215 0.22% Why do we need a Savior and what do we need to be saved from?
121 215 0.22% Are you opposed to the Tridentine [and|or] Novus Ordo liturgies?
122 211 0.21% If ignorance or the goodness of people is enough, why waste time sending out missionaries?
123 210 0.21% How were the differences resolved between the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic Church?
124 208 0.21% Once you are saved, can you lose it, or must we work out our salvation with fear and trembling?
125 206 0.21% Is the marriage of a baptized Protestant and Catholic in a Protestant church without a priest valid?
  126 200 0.20% How can I get a birthday congratulations letter from His Holiness on my mother's 90th birthday?
127 200 0.20% Can you comment on this documentary: — The Young Age of the Earth — by Alpha productions?
128 199 0.20% What was the relationship of James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas to Our Lord?
129 197 0.20% What is the actual translation of Matthew 19:9 and what is the actual Greek in this passage?
130 194 0.20% How can the merits of the Saints help a penitent restore their soul appropriately?
131 192 0.19% Can you tell me what is going on with all this return to Trent and where my friend is coming from?
132 191 0.19% Do you know of any good resources that deal with Modern Science and the Catholic Faith?
133 187 0.19% Can you help me with information or documentation on the validity of the Mass after Vatican II?
134 186 0.19% If I had an abortion before receiving Confirmation, will I be forgiven and which one was the first?
135 183 0.19% What part of the Mass can the priest insert his own words and are those drops in the wine needed?
136 182 0.18% If the priest skips the Consecration, is the Mass still valid?
137 179 0.18% What is your view on Kennedy distributing Communion to members of his family with a priest?
138 175 0.18% Can you help me reply to these accusations against the Church by my voice teacher?
139 172 0.17% Would you please explain Revelation 13?
140 170 0.17% Although we had a child out of wedlock and have been living together can I receive the Eucharist?
141 166 0.17% Where might I find the conclusions of the Church's investigations on the authenticity of miracles?
142 161 0.16% Do the rubrics allow a priest to sit down at this time while Lay Ministers distribute Communion?
143 160 0.16% Can you enlighten me and how do I rebut these phony claims that Jesus had brothers and sisters?
144 157 0.16% Can anyone give me the OK to receive the Eucharist without a formal reception into the Church?
145 153 0.15% What should I do if both my bishop and pastor see Adoration in conflict with Church theology?
146 148 0.15% Can you help us to move beyond our ignorance and understand the Catholic Church objectively?
147 146 0.15% Can you explain what the Church did so wrong during the Inquisition so I can clarify this issue?
148 143 0.14% Cardinal Walter Kasper: Christians can't hide mission role in talks with Jews.
149 142 0.14% Which sacrament should our second graders receive first: Penance or First Holy Communion?
150 140 Tied: 0.14%

Can a Dominican sister preach and was her theme — We are Eucharist to each other — correct?

At the final judgment, will we be responsible for the sins we mentioned in Confession?
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