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Mike's Theology Corner: Putting things in perspective: The Annunciation and Birth
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Putting things in perspective: The Annunciation and Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Has anyone else every wondered why the Church celebrates Christmas with so much joy and glory?

Wait now, hear me out. I'm not saying that the first epiphany or manifestation of Our Lord into the world isn't a great Christian celebration and that we shouldn't celebrate it appropriately. I've been wondering though, for us Catholic Christians who believe that life begins at the moment of conception, why don't we celebrate the Annunciation with an even greater fever than Christmas.

  • The Annunciation is when Divinity and Humanity were brought together, wasn't it?
  • When did Jesus, Our Lord first have flesh and bones?
    <At birth? . . . No the genesis of His Body started at conception and developed day by day!>
    (Now days even the AMA will attest to this for any child in a woman's birthing area.)
  • As THE Church Christ founded, what are we saying about the importance of human life before birth when we celebrate Christmas with more fever than the Annunciation?

If the Annunciation falls on a Monday or the preceding Saturday, it may NOT even be a Holy Day of Obligation according to a recent decision by the Catholic bishops in America that was approved by Rome.

  • What are all practicing Catholics, (from the Pope, Cardinals, bishops, priests to the lay parishioners) saying to the secular world when we don't recognize the humanity of Christ from March 25th through December 25th, nine months later?

Jesus was really and truly alive during this period of time. He was not just miraculously born on Christmas Day by some instance miracle. Nevertheless, as THE Church, we do nothing liturgical during this nine-month period of time to emphasize our Pro-Life position.

As a cradle Catholic I believe there is something we have to liturgically do from March 25th through December 25th to remind US and the secular world that being Catholic Christians means celebrating life liturgically at conception through the first Epiphany in December.

But let's go further.

  • When were YOU born? . . . YOU the reader of this commentary.

Don't give me the date on your birth certificate because you were approximately already 9 months old by that time. I'm open to correction, but we can't say exactly when we were conceived. We don't have the science for that. Nevertheless, sometimes things can happen in a providential manner without us even seeing it!

Case in point: The date on my birth certificate is June 29, 1955. As is usual in all Christian families, we celebrate my birthday on that day each year. The problem: I get no belated birthday cards! My family has been celebrating my birthday for 65 years and every year they have been 9 months late! : ) LOL

I'm a big "Saints Day" fan. I use to do Compline at night. It is part of the Liturgy of the Hours. To this day I can still partially match up a date with a Saint's feast day.

  • If you take the date on my birth certificate, the date the world saw me for the first time, and subtract 9 months, what date to you come to? <September 29, 1954>

I'll give you one guess whose feast day we celebrate on September 29th in the Church.

  • Has Our Lord planned something for you in a providential manner, YOU have never thought of?
  • What happens when you subtract 9 months from the date on YOUR birth certificate!
  • Something to think about maybe?

I know one person who probably totally agrees with my commentary: Our Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary and for that matter any mother!

I don't have the contacts other priest-friends have, but if any one can forward this commentary to Pope Francis for his review, it would be appreciated. I can be reached at

Mike Humphrey
Catholic Apologist

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