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Emeka Collins wrote:

Hi, guys —

  • What is the Catholic Church's stance on making up, painting one's lips, and wearing:
    • tight clothes, or
    • earrings?
  • Are they sinful since they add to (or alter) God's design?
    (i.e. the painting of lips and make up.)


  { What is the Church's stance on making up, painting one's lips and wearing tight clothes or earrings? }

Paul replied:

Dear Emeka,

In themselves these things are not unnatural.

The Church has no clear teaching on the amount or kind of make-up, lipstick, jewelry, and clothing one should wear. However, modesty is a virtue that ought to be cultivated.

This begins with an attitude of not wanting to bring undue attention to oneself, and to remain humble and godly. Lots of make-up, much jewelry, and tight clothing usually do not convey humility and modesty, but rather the opposite. Wearing ostentatious adornments or trying to look sexy in order to attract men in a lustful way would be sinful. Beauty primarily radiates from within, with holiness and simplicity.

The one who loves God shines with beauty and goodness.



Bob replied:


These things are not intrinsically evil, but one needs to use discretion and modesty.

Most people have lost any sense of modesty so unfortunately our culture is desensitized to attire that would be known as provocative.

Dressing modestly is more of an issue than wearing make-up; that is where education needs to begin.


Bob Kirby

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