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Alive Ghost wrote:

Hi, guys —

I recently found out that scab eating is considered self-cannibalism. I honestly don't know why I do it but from comments I've been reading, I'm starting to get scared. Someone said something about being in peril by doing this.

  • Does that mean I am going to Hell?

I also have a very uncomfortable question that is way too awkward and that I'm way too shy to ask in a face to face with a priest:

  • Is someone still a virgin if they've masturbated?

In my area, some say, yes, while others say, no.

Please help.

Alive Ghost

  { Is scab eating perilous to my salvation and is someone still a virgin if they've been masturbating? }

Eric replied:

Dear friend —

Dermatophagia is not intrinsically sinful. It's probably an expression of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which is related to scrupulosity: the idea that things that aren't gravely sinful, are.

Suppose we grant that dermatophagia is cannibalism. People eat placentas, which is more cannibalistic than what you are doing and there is nothing wrong with that. Besides, scabs and skin cells are dead.

As long as you are not permanently mutilating yourself, there would be no grave sin involved. Even then, it sounds like you are not doing this with total freedom of the will, and you can't commit a mortal sin (that is a sin that would send you to Hell) if you don't freely commit it. Perhaps there might be a venial sin (a sin that doesn't send you to Hell) if you are damaging your body.

That being said, you should seek professional medical help because what you're doing is not normal and could be self-destructive, especially if it keeps wounds open. It could cause scars as well.

As for masturbation, you are still considered a virgin if you've only committed masturbation.


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