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Elizabeth Feola wrote:

Hi, guys —

I'm in Adoration as I write.

It's my hour with the Lord. The person after me comes in early. Today he is exceptionally early. He is in another room talking on his phone. I can hear him. It is disruptive and rude to my sitting with Jesus.

  • Am I wrong?

Also, people come in when it's not their hour. No mask. I want to tell them to leave but end up sitting in the hallway until they leave then wiping down after them.

  • Why are people so inconsiderate?
  • Does the Lord want me to learn something?

I'm selfish with my hour; it's the only hour the Lord wants me to Himself. I feel a closest to the Lord in Adoration. I am building my relationship with the Lord. Perhaps it's the evil force trying to stop my seeking of the Lord.

Get behind me satan!!


  { Why are people so inconsiderate and rude when I go to my hour of Adoration during the week? }

Bob replied:

Dear Elizabeth,

All kinds of distractions, annoyances and other hindrances can interrupt our focus and prayer.

When that happens, offer the moment up as a willing sacrifice for some intention. It only matters if you turn it into something blessed that the Lord can use. These things will never cease; even hermits find these crosses. It is only your response that can make them holy.


Bob Kirby

Mike replied:

Dear Elizabeth,

You said:

  • Am I wrong?

No, you are not wrong. You are a faithful Catholic striving to build devotion with Our Blessed Lord; something that should be admired!

Before I had the (11:00 pm to 12:00 am) Friday night adoration hour, I use to go earlier in the day, either at the (6:00 pm to 7:00 pm) hour or the (3:00 pm to 4:00 pm) hour.

Many times I had those people as well. I thought about how their conversation was so casual and was so day-to-day talk and, at the same time, there was a Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King or other eating or drinking restaurant just down the street.

With that in mind, I quietly and politely told them that this was a house of prayer (Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46) and if they wanted to enjoy some casual talk there was a Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, Burger King, or some other eating or drinking restaurant, just down the street.

I sometimes got a mean look or a false reasoning of why it was OK to talk aloud in an Adoration Chapel but they got the message and they knew I was right. : )

You said:
Also, people come in when it's not their hour.

That's good!! You want more people, even if they are repeat adorers, willing to make, even a partial hour of Adoration with the hope that, over time and their given family and work circumstances, they too, will be able to commit to an hour and therefore strengthen the stability of your Adoration ministry.

I know one lady in our Adoration Ministry who must do at least 3 hours a week!

I hope this helps,


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