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Posting date Questions
April 2020 Is leaving the Catholic Church and joining a Protestant church is a grave, mortal sin?
April 2020 Is Uriel part of the Catholic religion like, for example, Michael or Gabriel?
January 2020 Can Catholics who ride for the Knights on Bikes also wear a Christian motorcycle ministry patch?
January 2020 Can I remain a good Catholic and still wear garments that have an unsavory association?
January 2020 Is it sinful for devout Catholics to buy sexually-charged movies even if they skip the sex scenes?
January 2020 What is the Catholic view on making up, painting one's lips or wearing tight clothes and ear rings?
January 2020 Is there a required amount of time Catholics must pray each day and is praying the Rosary enough?
January 2020 As a Christian should I let the police use my garage to surveil my neighbor since it's a drug house?
January 2020 If I know someone is selling cocaine to children, is it morally right or wrong to report them?
January 2020 Is it OK to dance vogue despite of the homosexual origins of this dance style?
January 2020 Is it sinful for women to do pelvic floor exercises (kegels), either manually or electronically?
January 2020 Other than kissing, at 18 years old, what type of intimate love can I share with my boyfriend?
January 2020 Can I participate outside the Church and why does the memory of sin remain, after Confession?
January 2020 Can I cut my prayers short for a good reason, can I have two callings; and do we heal all the time?
January 2020 Should I reconsider doing repairs to this Buddhist Temple now that I know they may be pagans?
August 2019 Can a Catholic practice darkness meditation?
August 2019 Have books contrary to Catholic teachings ever been given an Imprimatur (and/or) a Nihil Obstat?
August 2019 Can I get a slit on my eyebrow or is it demonic?
August 2019 Is it OK to play a game called, Choices, which causes players to experiment with sexual partners?
August 2019 Should my cousins be allowed to perform in such attire or find a dance with more modest outfits?
August 2019 Is it wrong to ask a non-Catholic Christian to pray for you?
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